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BlumDesignWerks focus on 2D and 3D animation techniques used to create stunning, yet didactic visualizations for both educational and marketing purposes. I specialize in technical, scientific, and medical subject matter with mindful emphasis on telling the educational ‘story’ underlying the inevitable complexity inherent to these topics. The confluence of these efforts help produce imagery that is accurate to the specialist, but accessible to the layman. BlumDesignWerks has extensive background in the incorporation of both scientific protein- and CAD-based structural files in both illustration and animation. I also utilize exclusive techniques for animation of protein structural files where available PDB structural data exists.
Maverick Emblem
Transgastric Cholecystectomy
JeHn Emblem
Transgastric Surgical Wound Closure: Proposal 1
Transgastric Surgical Wound Closure: Proposal 2
Mechanism of ATP Synthesis: Model 1
Mechanism of ATP Synthesis: Model 2
Visualization of ATP Synthase
G-Coupled Protein Receptor
Immunoglobulin G
The Process of Translation
Visualize what can't be seen.
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