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David J. Blum, MA, PhD
Principal and Creative Director

Dave Blum is the founder and lead artist of BlumDesignWerks. His design, illustration, and animation skills are founded in his extensive background in the life sciences and visual arts. He holds a Masters degree in Medical and Biological Illustration and a Doctorate in the Biological Chemistry, both from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Presently he is the Creative Director at BlumDesignWerks and an Instructor at the Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine.

His clients include: National Institutes of Health; Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology; the Departments of Biological Chemistry, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Connolly, Bove, Lodge, and Hutz, LLP.; Lumen Biomedical; MGI Pharma; Innoscion, LLC.; Allergan, Inc.; Synthes, Inc.; FirstStage Bioventures, LLC.; Seguro Surgical, LLC.; CombiMab, LLC.; The Fine Art of Illustration, Link Studio, LLC.; ClearScience, LLC.; gb-designwerks; Innovative Neurotronics; Mandel Metals, Inc.; Jehn & Associates, Inc.; Maverick American, LLC.
Visualize what can't be seen.
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